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Our New Family Member11

Despite the emptiness in our hearts from losing our beloved Bailey and Prancer we decided the best way to honor them both was to open our home to another four or three legged friend.  We know this would not be an easy process as I have allergies and our new family member had really big shoes to fill.  I wanted a senior pup who needed someone to love him or her, but after much discussion my daughter she decided she didn’t want to have another dog die right away and wanted a younger dog.  We first had a Chihuahua mix spend the weekend that someone from our vet’s office was trying to place and needed someone to watch for the weekend.  She nipped at my husband and daughter and we decided that she was not the dog for us.  Next my daughter found a dog from a rescue.  They let us take her home for the weekend, which turned into about two weeks.  We loved her but my allergies were crazy.  We fostered her until they found a new home for her.  I cried like a baby when she left, my heart broken again.  She was a mix of both Bailey and Prancer and made me laugh with her shenanigans.  I decided at that point we could not get another dog to take their place; we needed a dog that just fit our family and would be my daughter’s best friend.  The rescue had another dog, BB, that they asked us to meet.  I fell immediately in love with this little boy, but on the day we were to pick him up we got a call that he was now showing signs of aggression and they were uncomfortable placing him in a home with a child.  AAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!!!!   They felt so bad that my daughter did not have a dog coming that day they told me they had just got another dog they thought would work with my allergies but was a little bigger than I wanted. Normally they keep the dogs for a few weeks to assess before they place for adoption, but she was really sweet and since they now knew us pretty well and were comfortable with us they would bring her for us to meet and foster if we wanted.  She was 22 pounds, we were looking for a dog under 20 pounds so we could travel with ease with our pup.  I agreed for them to bring her over for us to see.

Into my yard came a little bear.  That is the best way I can describe this fluffy all black creature that ran around our yard.   I saw my daughter’s face and thought we are not getting a small dog anymore.  Jingle has now been a part of our family for three weeks.  The first night here I found 11 ticks on her.  Later we found out she was hookworm positive.  I am now learning to trim all of her hair, having already given her 3 haircuts and a bath.  Through all of this Jingle has patiently sat.  There is one issue that I do need help with though… she is having a false pregnancy.  She has an enlarged vulva and teats, to the extent they look like they can be milked :).  She is whimpering and has set up shop in my closet with a pillow I gave her, her stuffed toys and  a tennis ball. I feel so bad for her and don’t know what to do to make her feel better.  She is definitely anxious and keeps me up a good part of the night (right now she is resting in the closet).  She is scheduled to be spayed on January 7.  I am stressed about how she will do until then and worried about her being spayed during this false pregnancy.  My vet, who you all know I love, says her symptoms will stop once she is spayed, however, reading on the internet I have mixed views now about spaying her during her false pregnancy.  Any advice or insight anyone can on making her comfortable, how long this will last or on spaying give would be greatly appreciated.


Before my haircut



jingle and santa


Jingle in my closet nesting




  1.    elizabeth at December 30th, 2014 8:44 PM:

    I don’t have any advice for you as I have never dealt with that issue but did want to chime in and say HOLY CUTENESS!!!


    •    baprance at December 30th, 2014 9:36 PM:

      Awwwww. Thanks.


  2.    benny55 at December 30th, 2014 9:51 PM:


    I’m so happy for you! Clearly Bailey and Prancer had this little cutie picked out the whole time!!

    I love the coloring with little auburn highlights on her face! And that smilenonnyour daughter’s face has me grinning ear to ear too! I can even see Santa smiling!!

    I know this time of year is extremely hard and I know you miss Bailey and Prancer more than words can describe. Like you, and like so many others here, there is no greater way to honor our dogs who have crossed over than to let them know, that because they were sooooo wonderful, we could NEVER live without a dog in our lives.

    Your determination and courage to continue to find the “right” dog after so many false starts is to be commended. You are such a sweet and loving soul. I’m just thrilled things worked out.

    As far as the false preg….I think one of my dogs experienced once years ago. I cannot remember the details but I think we just let her ride it out…just can’t remember.

    What does that sweet vet say about just letting it run it’s own course and put off spaying for awhile. For one thing, it would give her time to settle in and know she has found her forever home.

    These pictures are priceless! Please keep em coming!

    And KNOW that Prancer and Bailey will always be family and will NEVER be forgotten!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


    •    baprance at December 30th, 2014 10:00 PM:

      Thank you guys always for the positive words. Our vet says there really is nothing to do. Once she is spayed it will end. He did not seem too concerned with having her spayed during her false pregnancy. I am just a ball of nerves over it.

      Thank you for always remembering our angels, Bailey and Prancer.


  3.    bcullom at December 30th, 2014 11:57 PM:

    What a little cutie she is, and a perfect name for this time of year! Congrats on this wonderful addition to your family, and I think both Bailey and Prancer brought you the best pup possible.

    Poor baby having a false pregnancy….now, I am not positive, but you may want to consider postponing the spay…from what I’ve learned, any hormone fluctuation is not good while being spayed, which is why all my vets have recommended at least 12-16 weeks after a heat so their hormones are not active. Even though it is a false pregnancy, her hormones are quite active. I could very well be wrong about this so maybe just check with your vet.

    Hope you and your family have many happy days ahead with your new sweet Jingle!

    Bonnie & Angel Polly


    •    baprance at December 31st, 2014 7:20 AM:

      Thank you. I asked my vet and he seems to think it is fine. I think I will follow up again. He is not spaying her, it is being done through the rescue we adopted her from. I might even call them. Problem is we have no idea when she was in heat. When we got her 3 weeks ago she was checked and we were told she was not in heat. The rescue only had her for a week and they said she was not in heat there either. Unfortunately before that she was in 2 different “pounds” so we don’t know much beyond the last month.


  4.    Dawnie at December 31st, 2014 2:47 AM:

    Wow what a cutie!!
    When we adopted our forever furkid, she had a phantom pregnancy & the vet would not operate until a couple of weeks after this had passed. One reason being as it was her first season & another due to hormones.
    It was horrible hearing her cry every night..we didn’t sleep much at all as was comforting her. The vets did prescribe tablets to help her through until it passed. They did help as we managed to get a better nights sleep too as she appeared less emotional.
    This was about 12 years ago now so I couldn’t tell you what they prescribed. May have been some form of hormone Control or depression tablets.
    Why not get a 2nd opinion if concerned or have another discussion with your vet to share your concerns to weigh up what you have researched & what they experience in practice.
    I do hope Jingle comes through this soon. Keep us posted.
    Sending virtual tickles to Jingle.


  5.    Dakota Dawg at December 31st, 2014 10:47 AM:

    She is adorable, and the look on your daughter’s face is priceless!

    I had a cat a couple hundred years ago who went through a false pregnancy, and we had her spay scheduled. We went ahead with it because there was no internet yet (Al Gore hadn’t been born yet, I don’t think) so I couldn’t research the hell out of things like I do now. We had one problem. It was pretty major for us and the cat, but that’s not to say you will have any problems. Because of the increased blood supply that the body produces (thinking it’s pregnant), our cat had some unexpected bleeding that nearly got away from our vet. Also, he said the uterus gets enlarged some and soft, which meant it was not as easy to deal with. So he had trouble keeping up with the bleeding as the uterus was like a sponge, trying to break up on him.

    This cat was a young shelter cat and no one knew her history, so she may have been compromised already. She may not have come into the process healthy.

    Again, I am not saying you will experience this. And things have improved greatly in terms of medical care, knowledge and equipment. If it makes you feel better, ask a couple of other vets their feelings. Post here in the ask a vet forum. Call your local shelter and ask how they deal with it, because you know they get animals in that they absolutely must spay. Shelters often end up being like the M*A*S*H units of animal medicine.

    Good luck with your decision, and congratulations on the new addition!


    •    baprance at January 3rd, 2015 2:54 PM:

      Oh the Internet is killing me. I, like you, research things to death. Exactly what you said was my concern. I spoke with the rescue and she actually changed Jingle’s spaying date. She moved it up a day because she found a vet’s office that she is very comfortable with that she spoke to about Jingle’s “issues” that will spay her versus a clinic. I was very happy that she took the extra step as I had voiced my concerns with her. She said this vet has better equipment and an emergency facility in case Jingle needs it. The vet was comfortable with spaying her.


  6.    jerry at January 3rd, 2015 12:50 PM:

    Ohhh my gosh you guys, as if the universe wasn’t trying to tell this girl that she found the perfect family. Wow. What a double blessing! You are dealing with a lot right now but only you know how to cope and nurse her back to health. I wish I could offer advice about spaying and false pregnancies, but I’ve never had a girldog. If you’d like, post in our Forums so you can get even more feedback OK?

    Congrats and know that this was definitely a sign that this girl was meant to come into your life. Great things are in store once you nail down those health issues! She’s adorable. Little Bear. Love it!


  7.    baprance at January 3rd, 2015 2:57 PM:

    I feel a little bit better about the spaying after the rescue moved her to an actual vet’s office versus a clinic. My vet was fine with the clinic as he said they do so many, but I do feel better that a vet is doing it in his office with good facilities and that he specifically is aware of Jingle’s issue. He also has no concerns with the spaying. I am going to bring her in and will hopefully have the opportunity to speak with someone there. If I am uncomfortable I will just have my vet spay her. I know the rescue wanted to have it done but if I am uneasy I will just handle it.


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