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Poison at the Park1

This poor dog just does not get a break.  So we started taking her to the dog park.  It is a super nice park with a side for big dogs and small dogs.  Bags are provided for your dog’s droppings and a doggie water fountain is there too.  We just started going last week and Jingle was doing pretty OK with the other dogs and would be a little calmer at home after her romps around the park.

I was checking my Facebook page yesterday and I see a post from my vet that they found someone was leaving chunks of meat with aspirin inside around the fencing at the dog park.  One dog was already suffering from the effects and was in the doggie hospital.  So, guess what I stepped in that AM at my house, dog vomit. Uuuggggh.  Really.  My brain starts working and I send my hubby home to check on Jingle. By nighttime it is on the news and all doggie parent friends are yapping and one says you should really watch the news report because it says what to do if your dog was exposed.  Now, I have already researched aspirin and dogs and know what to look for and despite our little vomit episode she is fine.  Finally back at home and sitting to watch the news to find the report because for whatever reason I cannot get it on my computer or phone.

Last time we were at the park was Wednesday and it is now Friday.  I am thinking I am overthinking.  The report finally comes up on the news and they say, “If your dog was exposed call your vet, the poison was found at the park on Wednesday”.  Vet is closed as it is Friday night at 9:30 PM, but frankly I now consider our ER vet our night vet because we have now had enough interaction with them they know Jingle by name.  I call up and they say bring her on it considering she was there and has vomited.  They say it could be in her system and she might not show signs until it is too late.  We all pile in the car and 1.5 hours later we are back home with a healthy Jingle, good blood work and a new charge of $180.00 on our credit card.  We have decided to open up a Jingle account and see what she can do to pay for all her expenses in our house.  Ya’ think the credit card company will go for it?  LOL.

The vet said just accept Jingle how she is, she probably won’t change much, love her for who she is, she is sweet but she does seem to have something that draws “trouble” to her.  Aaaaaaahhhh.  Boy is Jingle lucky she found this household.  I sure hope this household makes it.

Then when we get home Jingle goes for the peanut butter in the rat trap we had in our garage and snap…yet again she escaped harm.  (BTW, didn’t know hubby put those down, was not happy when I found out)

P.S.  The dog that was exposed and in the doggie hospital was actually at our ER vet, they were the ones who alerted all the local vets.  They told us the dog was doing fine and was going home in the AM.

Jingle with her new haircut sound asleep after the park

Jingle with her new haircut sound asleep after the park


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  1.    jerry at March 2nd, 2015 1:20 PM:

    Oh lordy I’m glad she was OK! Boy I just can’t get over how horrible some human beings can be. GRRR!

    Well, I do think she will mellow out in time. Just keep telling yourself, “There’s a lesson here somewhere!”


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