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It’s been a while since I have posted an update.  Jingle was a bit of a handful when we first adopted her.  She is a cuddle bug now and makes us laugh daily with her antics.  We never taught her not to leave the yard or the driveway, but she elects not to despite being allowed out…now if there was a squirrel we might have a different discussion, which is why we have a fenced yard.  We have been blessed to have another great dog. We miss our Bailey and Prancer daily and wish they were here but feel we need to honor their memory and have taken on a new venture…don’t know how long we will do this but we are trying something new.


Mr. Winston

We have kept in touch with the rescue where we adopted Jingle trying to support them.  Recently I called regarding someone who wanted to adopt one of their dogs and told her I was going to call her myself about him because I felt so bad for him. He came in so matted, he looked pitiful.  Needless to say she said she had another little pup that needed a foster home; he hated being in a crate and cried.  She had just rescued him and we took him matted and all.  She let us name him since he didn’t have a name yet.  We called him Winston or Mr. Winston.  We took him to be groomed and for his neutering.  This little guy was so sweet and Jingle loved him.  They played almost all day but Winston was an escape artist.  He could get out the space between our fence if he tried, sneak out when a door opened or through any gap he saw, yet he never truly ran away.  He would run but also came back when I sat down to play with him.  A friend fell in love with him and they adopted him; he is now Riley.  She brings him by to visit Jingle.

Unfortunately the friend who was going to adopt Phoenix decided he wasn’t the right dog for them.  The rescue called and asked us to foster him, but said she was also bringing a chihuahua pup too for us to see which one fit best with us.  We couldn’t decide and now we are fostering both.  P.S., they both can fit through our fence.  Phoenix has done such a few times but doesn’t go anywhere.  We are outside with them about 99%  of the time.

Phoenix has tested heart worm positive and has a lump here and there.  He is a bit of an aggressive eater but learned within days to do his business outside so I am sure he will learn food is readily available now and might lighten up on the food.  We are pre-treating him now to prepare him for his heart worm treatment.  I think I am allergic to him, however, so I hope he finds a home soon.  I don’t want him to go back to the rescue or another foster as I think that would hurt his little feelings.  He needs to find someone who will love him right away.  He is believed to be a Cairn Terrier and about 5 years old.



Jingle Jr. is another story.  She is still a puppy, about 5 months old.  She likes to play and is cute as a button.  Her sad story is she has luxating patellas.  The best way I can describe how he walks is he looks like Dawby from Harry Potter when he walks.  He was “allegedly”  trained to go on a wee- wee pad, well he kinda’ might go near it, in the same room as it or in the same house as it.  We are working on it.  I am concerned he might not be adopted because of his patellas and the expense associated with fixing it.  The rescue certainly does not have the finances to pay for that surgery.  A friend is interested  in him but I am not sure they are committed to adopting him yet.



Jingle Jr.

Well that’s our happenings for now.





  1.    benny55 at April 11th, 2016 11:58 PM:

    It is sooooo great to hear from you!!

    And ohhh my goodness, Bailey and Prancer jave certainly been busy sending you fosters! I guess they didn’t think Jingles kept you occupied enough! Or else they jist think it’s really funny sending you a dog who just loves keeping you on your toes with his antica!! BTW…went back and read your previous mpost I missed about Jingles and the scary poison episode at the dog park. Sooooo glad Jingles is okay!!! What a sick S.O.B to do that! Unbelievable!

    I thin what you are doing by fostering these ADORABLE dogs is flat out saintly! I do! What a beautiful, beautiful way tomoay tribute to your Bailey and Prancer.

    I jave a feeling we just might have a few “foster failures” in the future. They are all just so darn cute!! Phoenix and Jingle Jr. are mighty lucky you are fostering them. They each have some “challenges” that only someone like you coukd provide the proper care, emotionally and physically. And t o think you are allergic to Phoenix a d still willing to keel him…err..temporarily of course!!

    Thanks so much for touching base and sharing these delightful pictures! Prancer and Bailey are so proud of you! They are so happy that some needy dogs will feel lpved and cared for because of their legacy! Such a beautiful, life affirming way to honor these two! Grandma is proud too!

    Keep us posted…and with more pictures too!

    Take care! Love and hugs to you and your sweet daughter and great pack!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


    •    baprance at April 13th, 2016 4:46 PM:

      Thank you for those sweet words. Love checking in with you guys.


  2.    jerry at April 18th, 2016 11:27 AM:

    Hip!Hip!Hoooorraaay! Thank you for sharing your love with so many dogs in need. It’s awesome that Jingle is doing so well! You have a magic that many animals just need, thank you for sharing it. xoxo


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